Investor Relations and Twitter

I must admit – I can’t stop myself from thinking about Twitter and applications for investor relations.  Real time communications with individual stockholders, notifications with URLs to the actual filings embedded in the 140 character message.  Talk about brevity!  For the public company it is the equivalent of getting your news into the hands of investors without the filter of Dow Jones, Bloomberg or any other influence from the buy or sell side.  I have yet to see a downside.

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One thought on “Investor Relations and Twitter

  1. There is a perfect storm, in which Twitter can serve as a platform for IR in years ahead… substantial lack of trust in Wall Street, the SEC, and procedural complexity in public equity disclosures. Add to that the lack of analytical resources available now at brokerage firms for any depth in coverage… while at the same time, there is unprecedented demand by government and shareholders for greater transparency. Having worked closely with Twitter, and the application of social media tools for business, the “immediacy” and the “shared interest” that shareholders have in their investments… create opportunities for next-generation IR – communication to community with relevant content… Great Post…


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