Twitter Status Updates on Facebook

Twitter is great – but it doesn’t necessarily belong unadulterated on other forms of social media.   I joined Twitter some months ago and then did nothing with it for the longest time.  Facebook had captured my interest and, along with blogging, maintaining a website and connecting through LinkedIn, Twitter ran a distant fifth.   Eventually I started following some connections and added the Twitter application to my Facebook page.  I was quickly overwhelmed by the more frequent posters I had opted to follow.  The most prolific ones I ended up removing entirely from my feed.  I really didn’t care to know that they were sipping martini’s on a deck in Malibu or stuck in traffic on I-75.  The Twitter postings were popping up constantly, demanding my attention and distracting me from the news I really wanted to see on Facebook.  

Facebook Status updates are infrequent, generally in context and more descriptive compared to Tweets.  Not being able to separate the two kept me from Tweeting as often as I’d like for fear that I would alienate my Facebook friends in the same way that the Twitter accounts I had been following alienated me.  Not being free to Tweet often kept me from building my profile within that new media opportunity – which I equated more with business than pleasure.

This morning I discovered a new application called Selective Twitter Status that seems to completely solve the problem of FB/Twitter integration.  Simply load the application and disable the Twitter feed already set up on Facebook.  When you have a Twitter post that you want to simultaneously post on Facebook, simply add a space and the notation “#fb” and – well, there it is.  Problem solved.  Now I am free to Tweet with abandon and build my following without destroying the relationships I have maintained at a distance through other forms of social media by “over posting.”  When I do have something appropriate for Twitter and FB, both the posts can still occur simultaneously upon my command.

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