Pitch Engine Helps Sharpen SMRs

The level of productivity to be found in social media applications is astonishing. Late last month a fellow practitioner introduced me to Pitch Engine, a fairly new tool for issuing social media releases (SMRs). I immediately set up a quick SMR about Newmediacy to try it out for free. Although I didn’t have video or other media to share – and I would urge anyone using this service to have a complete array of media on hand to try it out with – the final result was pleasing, easily assembled, sleek and professional. For the seasoned professional it was a pleasure to use and it is easy to see how it could replace the traditional but more piecemeal process of issuing via paid wire and then supplementing to other social media sites.

The program keeps you focused on the audience – visual, abbreviated, drilling points home and offering up quick links for others to grab and go with. I love the forced brevity of the twitter pitch and the succinct summary and the opportunity to build links at every turn. The finished product is simple and stylized and would look at home in any news room or media kit. Impressive.

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