Independent Journalism

Mashable recently posted an excellent article by Maria Schneider called:  “How To Launch Your Own Indie Journalism Site” following five mainstream reporters as they reinvent themselves – and journalism – on the web. Key points included: 1) the elephant in the living room (that ad money earned on indie sites might taint the unassailable virtue of journalism as we once knew it) and, 2) the opportunity to write about what you care most about – finding that market niche you can call your own and becoming a stand-out in it.

At the Digital Hub Cincinnati (Non) Conference today, John Battelle, Chairman of Federated Media, delivered the keynote speech: “We’re All Media Companies Now: How To Thrive In The Conversation Economy.” Main point I took away? That growth in digital media will be in the conversation. It’s about language – the essence of communication. Battelle took us back to our Fortran roots and DOS and brought us up to new voice command Google search capabilities. Digital media is about good, well researched and written content – but it’s success also depends on community engagement and identifying leaders and change makers and engaging them in the conversation. In a way, it’s not unlike the authentic learning educators insist is essential in our schools: where rote memorization is replaced with hands-on learning. In this case, static reading of news is replaced by interaction and engagement about the news. Interesting.

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