A Note from Paul

Hey, Happy New Year, everyone!  Let’s hope the decade of the 20-teens is an improvement upon what we’ve all just lived through.

Jeanne and I have alternated managing this blog site, and now that she’s returned to the full-time work force (in a dream job, by the way) she’ll have less time to post blogs on Newmediacy.  I’m still working myself, but we want to keep this blog site alive, so I have jumped back into the driver’s seat for 2010.  I hope you like what you read here, and will post your thoughts and comments.

Newmediacy is all about the many new ways people and organizations are communicating personally and professsionally. It will cover daily journalism and social media, the blogosphere and advertising copy, emails video.  Having spent 30+ years as a reporter, PR person, newswriting instructor, fundraiser and organizational communicator, I now know just enough to be dangerous about this topic.  You will find that my blog posts are often framed by references to the values that I imbibed as a young j-school student in Chapel Hill in the mid-60s:  values like objectivity, balance, and perspective.  These are often missing in today’s information inundation, at least in my opinion. Sometimes, I like to write (hopefully) thought-provoking posts that have some distance and time from  the day’s immediate headlines.  That’s what I’ve tried to do in the blog on how journalism’s future may depend upon people buying cars. There are also many topics I plan to write about here that interest me greatly, such as how the global media is covering contemporary slavery issues and the modern slave trade, better known as “human trafficking.”

One thing still excites me about writing.  I learn something every time I put fingers to the keyboard . . . about the world around me, and about myself.  I hope you will learn something here, too.

Paul Bernish

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