History Gets a Drubbing on the History Channel

This blog is about how media impacts culture and society.  Television continues to exert an oversized influence on American life, and so its content — what it shows viewers — remains important, even as mobile and tablet technology become the media platforms of choice. So, along with millions of Americans who possess an enduring interest […]

Message Force Multipliers

In 2004, I taught a course to graduating seniors at Miami University of Ohio.  I had complete freedom to design the course contents, so I developed a curriculum on what I called the “symbiotic relationship” between the news media and the public relations industry.  Both existed uneasily together, needing each other but wary of their […]

What Do You Want?

A recent article in the Washington Post caught my attention because its author, Tom Rosenstiel, touched on something essential about what content is most prized today. I’m one of those who believes that there always will be a strong demand for high quality content produced by skilled, professional journalists and writers. People will pay to […]

Charlie Sheen’s Guide to Managing the Social Media

Charlie Sheen’s very public unraveling is setting new standards for personal self-destruction.  From a social media standpoint, however, he’s provided a valuable lesson in how the business of crisis communications has changed so dramatically in just a very short time. It’s hard to believe that you could derive anything useful from Sheen’s demise.  However, some […]

Are Public Employees Winning or Losing?

Public policy these days is all about “winners” and “losers.”  From the fate of health care, to the prospect of a government shutdown, to upheaval in faraway places, analyses of these events are too often framed by the question:  who’s the winner and who is the loser? So it is that in the current skirmishes […]