He Said, She Said

Are reporters and editors obligated to present both sides in any controversial news story? You hear that question a lot these days.  Increasing political polarization is manifesting itself in demands by those on the left and right that articles or broadcasts about touchy issues, like abortion, gun laws, voter suppression and the like, always present […]

Business Expects Social Media Conversions

More businesses are using social media to support their PR and marketing efforts.  But now, according to a new report in eMarketer and quoted in B2C Marketing Insider, C-Suite execs want the activity translated into actual conversions — i.e., new customers or new sales and revenue. Writes Sally Falkow, a B2CMarketing Insider contributor : “Research from […]

Obtaining New Coverage the Old-Fashioned Way

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, where I work, just opened a new exhibition on the subject — undoubtedly off-putting to some — of the history of lynching in America.  The exhibition is called “Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America.”  It consists primarily of some 80 photographs taken at lynchings across the United States from […]